Real life revolves around romance, money and power -a world divided by class, race and religion. All these are featured in the drama series GOT. From Lies, betrayal, and fear, to death catching up on your best character -GOT isn’t afraid to knock out your best grain. Jon snow even died. Loll.  Between, you can literally watch the characters grow on screen (compare Sansa in season 1 and 5). The lessons you’d learn from the series and its characters are irreplaceable. You will learn wisdom from Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), courage from Jon Snow (Kit Harrington), and Love from the Ned Starks.

The unnatural relationship between Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) and her twin, the Kingslayer Ser Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), and Cersei’s hatred for her brother Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) shows that weird things happen in life.

GOT will teach you not to get too comfortable. Remember Rick? Loll


Did you know that Game of thrones literally generates slightly more than $1 billion annually? To make money, you spend money; hence, the producers have also spent a good amount of big bread.  We are made to understand that GOT has a whooping budget of $6 million per episode. Stop and think about it. With an average of 6–8 episodes, how much are we looking at? Plus or minus here and there, we are looking at about $60 to 80 million. Now that’s a lot! It’s been said that the Battle of Black water episode where Tyrion Lanister leaked a ship’s worth of highly flammable wildfire into the harbor and blew up half of Stannis’s arm cost a reported $8 million.

About two dozen wigs were used for the actresses in GOT. They each cost up to $7,000. You want to do the maths?

What about HBO?

Here’s the drill. According to web sources, when you go premium to watch GOT, $10 goes to HBO. So let’s say there’re about 4 million subscribers… do the math’s. These guys don’t necessarily have to make money through advertising.

HBO put out an official Game of Thrones-themed rap album in 2014, called “Catch the Throne”. It was released for free on sound cloud. It featured rappers like Method Man (“The Oath”), Snoop Dogg (“Lannister’s Anthem”), Big Boi (“Mother of Dragons”), Talib Kweli (“Lord of the Light”), and Anthrax (“Soror Irrumator”).



  • Deanery’s had to eat a giant gummy candy that tasted like bleach; it was portrayed to be a horse’ heart. She was stuck in the toilet thereafter.


  • Ian Whyte has played a grand total of four roles in GOT so far. He was a White Walker in seasons 1 & 2; in season two again, he played Gregor Clegane (one of three actors to play the role); in season three, he was an unnamed giant; in season five he played the Wildling giant Wun Wun.


  • In 2014, Living language released a conversational language course crafted by David J Peterson. There you’d learn Dothraki as a real language.


  • There was a time Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) was pranked that the show was canceled. He only got to find out the truth 6 hours before the shoot.


  • Every silhouette of raven adopted to feature on the series plays its part so well that you’d think there were no camera’s to their face



GOT has been the most illegally downloaded show. Game of Thrones was the most pirated show from 2012-2015.


Feel free to add what you admire about the whole GOT concept.

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