You may be wondering how Jon Snow was able to speak to the dragon and have it listen. 


There was a time when Bran Stark went back in time and saw some men fighting to gain access to a tower that was right in front of them. They were fighting a man who was later defeated. After he was defeated, access was gained to the tower where a woman who recently gave birth to a son was featured. She handed the child over to a man and appealed that he took care of the child.  (all these happened when Bran Stark went back into the past with the Three-eyed-Raven)


  • The fight was between Ned Stark and the mad king’s son (Rhaegar Tagaryen). Rhaegar Tagaryen was trying to prevent Ned Stark from entering into the building so he won’t take away the woman and baby.
  • The lady who put to birth is Ned Stark’s sister (Lyanna Stark), King Robert’s mistress, the mad king’s son’s lover.
  • The child is Rhaegar Tagaryen’s son, Ned Stark’s nephew, Lyanna Stark‘s son, who was later referred to as a bastard, the child is Jon snow.
  • The child became Ned Stark’s bastard because he had made a promise to his sister (Lyanna Stark), to keep the child alive in a time when all the Tagaryen were being exterminated. It was only right for him to pretend that the child was his bastard, even though it made his wife pretty sad.


  • Jon Snow was hated by his supposed father’s (Ned Stark) wife because she thought that the Bastard was her husband’s. Only Ned Stark knew the truth. Jon Snow is a Tagaryen. Jon snow’s father (Rhaegar Tagaryen was a first son to the mad king –the rightful king to the throne. John Snow’s father was killed, which makes his son –Jon Snow, the next rightful heir to the throne. Jon Snow could be the one true King.
  • Rhaegar was married to Elia Martell at the time, but he ran away with Lyanna. The marriage was annulled,  allowing him to legally wed Lyanna. Therefore Jon is a legitimate son, rather than a bastard – meaning that Jon’s claim to the iron throne would be stronger than Daenerys’s.
  • While this might sound frustratingly patriarchal, the succession order here in fact has more to do with the right of the first-born than with men automatically trumping women. Because Rhaegar was the rightful heir and eldest brother, his children, male or female, would naturally come before Daenerys in the order of succession respectively.
  • Jon Snow’s father is Rhaegar Tagaryen, and his  mother is Lyanna Stark. The Tagaryens control dragons. Hence, Jon could control the dragon because of the  blood that runs through his veins.

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