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While everyone is out here haggling about how the DC & Marvel have striking differences or striking similarities, Blewe Ghost will always be in the corner praying for a fusion of the two universes. Did I just say two universes? Oh yes! That’s what they are –Two separate universes.

Differences between DC and Marvel Universe


       Detective Comics (DC)       Marvel  Comics
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DC has the right to  every character it has created

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Marvel’ right are split  by two  different companies


DC characters are mostly natural born super heroes whose powers come as a gift to them. Like a boy born with a very sound reasoning ability, DC characters are born as fighters and rescuers. Marvel characters mostly stumble on their powers at some point in their lives. If you’re a comic watcher, you’d agree that at an initial stage, the marvel characters usually freak out when they discover that they have some powers. They initially try to hide their identity as they see themselves as misfits.
DC universe is mostly based on some fantasy or fictitious accounts. Example Metropolis (for superman) and Gotham (for Batman); these are not real names in the real world, but the names are adopted for these super hero universes. Marvel universes are mostly based on real world places. You’d hear for example spider-man trying to save New-York etc.
DC characters are all about serious business. They are Icons who are just out to save the city and not play about to make you laugh or something (although humor is featured occasionally). DC most successful movies are moody generally. Marvel characters are a bit less Iconic, but have a sense of humor. They are more ‘humane ‘as they do relatable things.
Few Examples of DC comic characters: Superman, Wonder woman, Super-girl, Batman, Lobo, Flash. Few Examples of Marvel comic characters: Spider-man, Dead pool, Wolverine, Storm, Captain America, iron man, hulk..



With or without a fusion between the two universes, DC and Marvel productions will both thrive in the world of  comic entertainment. Although Blewe Ghost so much wishes the two universes will have a fusion..lol..that’ll be like aliens from Mars going to save Jupiter. But who knows, friends become rivals and rivals become friends.


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