Who doesn’t love Han Solo in the Star Wars film series? OK! you likely haven’t seen it right?  Fine!  Now who doesn’t love the hot Casanova ‘Cal Weaver’ in “Crazy, stupid, love”? Lol..If you haven’t seen this movie, you may as well stop reading this post. Hey, just kidding, but you should really go back and watch the film Crazy, stupid, love.  If you’ve seen any of  Ryan Gosling’s movies, you’d see the need to watch the “Blade Runner 2049”, as he’d be joining forces with Harrison ford to bring life to your TV screens.

According to early estimates, “Blade runner 2049” is tracking to earn at least $40 million during its opening weekend when it hits theaters come Oct. 6.

Blade Runner 2049” is a science fiction epic sequel to 1982’s “Blade Runner” and has achieved cult classic status since its first release 30 years ago. “Blade Runner” debuted in the summer of 1982, and made $6 million in its opening weekend. Thereafter, it went on to gross $32.9 million during its entire theatrical run.

The new movie specifically targeted towards older men, who are for one reason or another susceptible to nostalgia. Tracking indicates “Blade Runner’s” opening will be in the same range as the upcoming “Kingsman” sequel.


Denis Villeneuve

Star cast

Ryan Gosling

Harrison Ford.

Other cast/supporting roles

Jared Leto as the villain

Dave Bautista

Ana de Armas

Mackenzie Davis

Sylvia Hoeks

Lennie James

Carla Juri

Robin Wright

“Blade runner 2049” is co-financed by Alcon Entertainment and Sony. Warner Bros. is releasing the film in North America, while Sony is handling international.

Want to watch “Blade runner 2019” Trailer? watch here Trailer



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