Deadpool presenting little Spiderman to the world lol

I’m not sure it’s the costume or maybe it’s because Deadpool came from a background full of struggle. Maybe it’s because he has scars that make him look tough or maybe it’s because he’s immortal; I always see Deadpool as a stronger version of Spiderman (a funny and stylish character without web). Although they have squared up in a fight and he got whooped by Spiderman, I still think he can win the fight. Never mind, it’s just Blewe Ghost thinking out loud.

Deadpool was very interesting, and ever since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of part2 of that intriguing film. To keep our appetites wet on that glorious countdown to the comic release, Josh Brolin posted a new picture of his character, Cable, from Deadpool 2 on Monday morning — and need I say, it is pretty hardcore.

He posted a black-and-white photo showing a bloody Cable screaming into a cracked mirror and wrote:

“Oh my God, wait until you see ‘Deadpool’. It’s SO funny!!!” #L2 #cableinsanity #cableswole #cablepowered #cableporn.”

Cable Porn #💀💩L2 #cableinsanity #cableswole #cablepowered #cableporn

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The initial reveal of the time-traveling character occurred in early August of this year, when Brolin and star Ryan Reynolds shared photos. Brolin got in some good shape for the role.

The actor who has been Oscar-nominated has been posting pictures for a couple of months now of his major transformation while living the gym life.

Deadpool 2 has a June 1, 2018 release date.


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