“Film is a medium, movie is an action. Cinema is an industry” -Erica

“Films can be anything recorded …but a movie is the whole package” -Viva

“In the U.S., a film is played in a cinema, and a movie is played in a movie theater. It’s a matter of register — the first two words are more highbrow. (Or should that be higher brow? ;-)” – Peter Shor.

“UK’ers tends to use “film” while North Americans tend to choose Movie and Motion Picture. GO TO WATCH A MOVIE WITH ME, WILL YOU? GO TO WATCH A FFFFILLMMM WITH ME, WILL YOU?” <Sniffing> – StackUnderblow

“I was once queuing to buy a ticket for a film at the BFI and there was an American ahead. He asked “I’d like a ticket for the movie.” The attendant replied “Here is you ticket for the film,” and then, after the guy had left, added “I cannot bring myself to use such childish language.” Some people can be such snobs!” – Matt E


MOVIE: A movie is a story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a theater or on television; a motion picture. Synonyms: film, motion picture, picture, feature (film)

FILM: A film is a motion picture; a movie.

e.g. “a horror film”Synonyms: movie, picture, feature, film, motion picture



The truth is, they are all synonyms, with different derivations. Movie is short form of saying moving picture or motion pictures, and can refer both to a single show and to the film industry (when in the plural form, the movies). As you can see from the dictionary definition, they both go as synonyms for each other. But in the real sense, the context in which you use them really matters.

E.g. you see a group of boys recording a skit unprofessionally with a mobile device; you can excuse yourself by saying that they are recording a short film.  It’ll be a bit concerning to say that they are recording a short movie.


Although these words can be used interchangeably, you know which one is most commonly used in your environment. But always remember that a film is more technical and may be accepted  in all context unlike a movie.  If you find yourself in a place where people  prefer to  use either, go with the flow cause you have something to lose…nothing.

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