Who else can’t wait to see this movie? Two of my favorite actors collaborating in a project may just be too much to handle. It’s like having J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar on a track. Boom!!!! that’s all that you’d hear -in a good way though. Johnson and Statham are on “Fat and Furious” which has gotten a release date of 2019. Universal Pictures has dated the untitled “Fast and Furious” spinoff for July 26.

Plans to push back “Fast and Furious 9” to 2020 was recently announced in the studio, opting to debut the spinoff in that summer slot instead. According to sources, the film had already been slated to go into production in August 2018 over the summer due to Dwayne Johnson’s busy schedule.

Johnson and Statham will play the roles of special agent Hobbs and criminal mastermind Deckard Shaw (respectively), who team up on an undisclosed mission. Early on in the development of the story, although sources said the two would hunt down Charlize Theron’s villainous Cypher after the events of “The Fate of the Furious,” insiders say that it’s currently unknown whether or not she’s involved.

The movie will be massive owing to the fact that Statham has taken driving to the next level in his movie the ‘Transporter’, and Johnson himself isn’t that bad when it comes to switching speed lanes and punching faces. I hope they’d be sprinkle of comedy between. See you 2019

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