There are hotels in Africa and around the world that embody a certain level of class that has overtime, appealed the top folks of society including legendary spies like James Bond. A couple of these hotels have actually featured in some timeless movies. Here are some real life hotels that have appeared in James Bond movie series.


The Langham, London

Built in 1865, The Langham is one of London’s first purpose-built hotels. The hotel is known for many reasons among which include that it was used to shoot the first James Bond film not based in Ian Fleming’s novels. In “GoldenEye”, this London hotel doubles as St. Petersburg Grand Hotel.


Hotel Cala Di Volpe, Sardinia, Italy

This architectural masterpiece was the first hotel to be built on the Costa Smeralda and has overtime become a popular holiday spot for people who rarely enjoy the luxuries of hostels. The hotel was featured in the The Spy Who Loved Me, a James bond movie starring Roger Moore who we see in a piano bar, which is also Bond’s hotel room. Hotel Cala Di Volpe has also entertained popular actors over the years.


The Peninsula, Hong Kong

A hotel representing all forms and shades of class and splendor, The Peninsula is a symbol of grandness. It appeared in “The Man With The Golden Gun” which starred Roger Moore. In the movie, Bond follows Bond girl Andrea Anders from Macau to Hong Kong. Here, she gets chauffeured by one of the hotel’s “Peninsula-green” Rolls-Royces. Anders ends up staying in room 602 at the Peninsula and the spectacular frontage appears in several scenes. The hotel also housed the whole cast and crew of the movie during the filming.


Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Florida

Standing unarguably as the largest hotel on the United States’ Eastern Seaboard, this hotel is a favorite in movie production. Used in the Bond movie “Goldfinger”, this enormous hotel is seen in the aerial shot shown after the opening credits. Also in the film, Bond girl Jill Masterton is found dead at the hotel. The hotel has featured in several other blockbusters over the years.


Four Seasons Canary Wharf, London

Appearing in the opening scene of “Skyfall”, this hotel belongs to the well known Four Seasons chain of hotels found all around the world. In the movie, Bond (played by Daniel Craig) takes a swim in the magnificent rooftop swimming pool. Reputeflyd as one of the major masterpieces in London, the Canary Wharf offers unbeatable views over London. In the Bond movie, the hotel doubles for a hotel in Shanghai.

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